Reality? Or just Monday…

Being unemployed is a gift. Although I need to be planning, researching, networking, in search of the next step, the interim is a vital time for healing, restoration, reorganization, reidentification.

My last work was not just a job. It was a full life investment with my wife and kids. It was one third of three huge changes(marriage, location, employment) that we made together in search of deeper purpose and a peaceful, productive landing spot for the kids and us. My fiance and then brand new wife and I wanted to make a difference.

We felt pushed by tenuous family circumstances and an unsatisfying work environment. We felt called by a deep need in a social justice, faith based, non-profit homeless sector. We felt pulled by the need, by a stirring in our hearts and the desire to have meaningful work; work that we could do together. We were excited to risk and start our marriage life out by embarking on this journey and calling.

And so, to step away, deciding that my skills, my talents, my character was not what was best for the operation is tough. For one half of us to separate from the organization that brought us here seems like a failure, to me,………… me.