I am OK. I am Enough. I am Me.

Living as Me is no picnic. But doing that is all I really have. I can take on false identities, attempt new styles, new haircuts, new jeans, new bikes, new relationships, new spiritualities, new therapists,

But, its still me underneath. Still me under the skin. Still me wrestling, laughing, neurotisizing, loving, ruminating, playing, learning, aging, imagining, defending(myself), celebrating others, hoping.

But all Me.

My Soul, my True Self is always there. Close to Source, Creator, God. So close that ‘I’ sometimes get ‘us’ mixed up.

My Value is no small thing.

Today, I live as if it is.

The Way it Is

One morning you might wake up
to realize that the knot in your stomach
had loosened itself and slipped away,
and that the pit of unfulfilled longing in your heart
had gradually, and without your really noticing,
been filled in—patched like a pothole, not quite
the same as it was, but good enough.

And in that moment it might occur to you
that your life, though not the way
you planned it, and maybe not even entirely
the way you wanted it, is nonetheless—
persistently, abundantly, miraculously—
exactly the way it is.

by Lynn Ungar 11/28/15

My short opening post was a vague, incomplete intro to where I am right now. However, I will now say “Welcome to my Blog”.

There is much more that I will be exploring than my lack of employment on this blog. I cant even believe that I am writing a blog. To find myself with the time and the need to develop some kind of income at this time in my life is either a huge gift or a cruel joke of The Creator.

I have many passions. Many have not been deeply explored, others due to personal necessity have become central to my ongoing health and well being. As the header to my site displays; Healing, Hope, Wholeness, will be the central themes of this space. It is my passion for myself and for others to know as much about the wonderful “Self” of who we are, how we are made, and what our purpose is. The god energy that each human being lives with, is personal, dynamic and loving. We move and breathe with an intimate Creator who is worthy of knowing. For all the deep trials and monumental struggles that this life may bring, its still worth the journey.

Hope of healing and wholeness, of a brighter more joyful tomorrow. Even if we cannot smile ourselves today: there is always a chance, a possibility to bring joy or to be someone else’s joy.Please engage with me on this journey. I look forward to hearing from you. We all have a story, or many stories that help us to communicate who we are and how we hurt. And we all hurt. But, on the other side, there is a mysterious force that desires our joy. A force that is asking us to join Him, to participate in, and to share his knowledge and healing, hoping, holistic presence. Its there for all of us. Come and see.