My Dad Died…

Yesterday my father passed away.

It seems surrealunreal to even write these words.

I find myself numb. Haven’t shed a tear.

Not sure if I’m sad, mad or glad.

Trying to think of others in light of their pain,their loss. Be caring. Be the good Son. Do what’s expected.

Say kind words, help with heavy lifting. Say the prayers.

Hoping someone else will take over. Feeling empty and very tired.

Still looking at the words, wondering what they might mean.

“My Dad died”

4 thoughts on “My Dad Died…

  1. May time heal your grief and good memories sustain you.

    I just visited my dad for the first time in a year and a half. He wouldn’t let me since I don’t have a car, even though there’s a bus, but finally I could borrow one. He’s in some decline and that’s hard to watch. I dread that phone call. There’s no words or preparation for it.


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