I have had this discomfort for 10 or more years. Along with a few other aches and pains it is something that I will usually not run to the doctor to complain about. I may mention it when I have a more pressing issue in the doctors office.

Never took alot of tylenol or aspirin when I was a kid. If you had a headache, or ear ache I would keep it to myself, thinking that this is normal life pain. Everyone has it, its not that bad.

This chronic pain, the dull ache and limited movement, with occasional painful flair ups starts to effect your mood, relationships, energy, work, and life enjoyment. I really hope that the physiotherapist has some real solutions to help long term.

I have hung onto the tendency to not over blow my discomfort that I must of learned early on. Some potential narratives that describe the attitudes I was given are: “I’m not worth complaining about”, “There is other people in more pain”.

I have a sense that I are not worthy of care or comfort. Don’t get me wrong, my parents loved me well in many ways, but there were a few that affected my self esteem even now; narratives like these that tend to revisit in times of weakness.

Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder. It is nice that it has a name and that there is recognized treatments for it. The lack of actual cures online is dissappointing. Online research has revealed practitioner scepticism that permanent healing is evasive for many. Right now, today, I need to be able to have hope that there are professionals that can provide relief.

I must remember to practice self care and treat myself well in the midst of this. Yes, the world is busy and many others are experiencing more serious pain and health issues than this. But,

“The pain is real!”

“I deserve to care for myself, and for others to care for me”!

Pain can stretch and weaken faith and hope. Or it can develop it in new ways that lead to a more mature belief system. Life’s darkest moments often bring clarity and renewal to one’s spiritual connections. The relationship with our Maker, our God can easily be overlooked. The well know “Darkest Night of the Soul” moments can either move you closer to restoration and spiritual renewal, or further away. For myself, they tend to draw me closer, eventually.

I am very thankful for this body that helps me to travel through this life. Its done a lot for me, and done it well. Yes, I have abused it, denied it comfort and proper care at times. But it is mine.

I Love My Body.

Thank you God for this wonderful Gift.

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