Tap, tap, tap…..tap, tap, TAP!, TAP!

Holy shit! what the hell is that???

I slowly awake. Seemed like I just got to bed. What time is it? Why am I awake?

Tap, tap…

Oh, ok.

I turn on bedroom light and open the curtains on the basement window. I hear chuckling and russling outside. “Reim”, Wake up!

“Oh great.” I say it sarcastically to myself. But I am excited.

My friends are out on a late nite, school nite party. It is grade 12 year for all of us. Staying up til all hours is not an issue. Life is short, gotta live it now.

I try to quietly let them in the back door, but they are slightly high or intoxicated already so silence is a limited option. My parents generally dont intervene in stuff like this unless it involves the police or ambulance. We hang out and laugh with the excitement of youth and the potential of the unknown awaiting. They convince me to go cruising with them. It wasn’t a hard sell. Although I actually like school, this few months, its been hard to see the purpose. I am questioning whether to even finish school. Life’s only meaning is in having fun, partying with my buds.

My little sister’s bedroom is right above mine. She is awoken by our carrousing, and comes down irrately and scolds us for it.

I get dressed, we move out into the night. Its after midnight now. Moonless night. Stars ablaze. I anticipate the rest of the night. Cruising the main streets. Seeing if anyone is around. Getting high, having a couple of beers. Maybe a bush party out in the country with a bonfire.

We aren’t fill with hope for the future, we dont talk about it.

We live now. No promises.

Celebrating being together.

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