For her…

With the recent loss of employment for myself, in a strange twist of fate, and an exercise in ego management, my wife essentially took over my job. The small non-profit we work for was not a great fit for me and so along with the ED we decided it was best that I try something I was better designed for.

Its still hard, but watching my wife thrive in an area that she is good at is a huge blessing. I was always stressed out from the very difficult work. Don’t get me wrong, Its hard work for her as well, but she doesn’t carry the stress, she floats above it. I admire her for that.

Another positive with having some unstructured time is recalling my artistic desires and combining them with the need for expressing my love for her. We have only been married two years. We began this journey in working for this particular non-profit together one week after getting married, and a few days after moving to a brand new community. The work has consumed us for two years. We needed desperately to reconnect with each other. God has a plan, I trust in that.

I texted this to her this morning. Oh, and she loves wearing high heels:

For her…

Shoes clicking, quickly, coming, closer 

She moves 

She serves 

She loves 

So fast 

No one left behind 

High, deep, wide, timeless. 

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